4*8 Brown Poplar core film faced plywood from Sulong Wood

Poplar film faced plywood: It's core and material is all of fresh poplar. It can be used about 8 times.

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4*8 Brown Poplar core film faced plywood from Sulong Wood

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Examining Report

Size 1220*2440*18m 10 12
Sr,No Property 3 3
1 Moisture Content 118 118
2 Density 118 118
3 Bonding Quality 10 12
4 Bending Modules of Elasticty 3 3
5 Cycle Life 118 118


SULONG Anti-Slip Film Faced Plywood--Advantages

  • Decorative, yet functional slip-resistant birch plywood suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.
  • Easily worked / CNC machined, good chemical and weather resistance, plus easy to clean.
  • Superior strength and stability.
  • Suitable for structural use.
  • Wide range of thicknesses, colors, and sizes to order.
  • Hexagon mesh pattern face gives superlative slip resistance
  • Very durable wear resistant surface
  • Premium grade waterproof face and back.
  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Sheet thicknesses: 3 to 40mm
  • Good colour stability
  • Available in kind colour surface appearance to choose.
  • Manufactured from sustainably-grown plantation hardwood.
  • Environmentally friendly product (contains no chlorine derivatives)
  • FSC certified upon request.

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