How To Store Film Faced Plywood?

  • 2023-04-03
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Plywood is usually used with odd layers of monoplate...

Plywood is usually used with odd layers of monoplate, and the fiber direction of adjacent layers of single plate splinter each vertical glue, plywood can improve the utilization rate of wood, is a major way to save wood, then, plywood how to store?

First, fire prevention. Plywood is a kind of wood sheet, in the storage of this sheet, the most important is fire prevention.

In the storage, we must pay attention to the warehouse placed fire extinguishers, but also strictly put an end to the appearance of fireworks in the warehouse, any kind of fire hazards should be eliminated.

Second, moisture-proof. In addition to fire prevention, moisture prevention is also important.

Plywood is after production has been drying, once the phenomenon of moisture, not only affect sales, but also appear plate shedding phenomenon, very affect the use, so this is also the need to pay special attention.But in the Middle East market, this problem hardly occurs.

Third, avoid prolonged sunlight. In addition to the above two major problems, but also to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, although the plate after the completion of production needs to dry the drying process, but excessive exposure will affect the quality of the plate.


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