Three Points On Film Faced Plywood

  • 2023-04-03
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Card-only theory. Paying attention to brand is a common consumer psychology....

1.Card-only theory. Paying attention to brand is a common consumer psychology, and there is nothing to gain. However, in the construction formwork industry, the phenomenon of the strong staying strong is too little. Manufacturers encounter rising costs of raw materials and other costs, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. , including when the formula is changed, the impact on the quality of the product is huge. You can’t look at people or brands with old eyes. Bulk purchasing customers are strongly recommended to visit the factory in person to obtain first-hand information.

2.Only thick theory. The building formwork is made of multi-layer poplar ,eucalyptus,birch by high pressure pressing. The thickness of the building formwork is allowed to have a certain tolerance range under the national standards. For the same material, the guarantee of pressure is the key, and the pressure is sacrificed to ensure the thickness to please consumers. The behavior of the buyer is a kind of short-sighted behavior, and the purchaser should not take the thickness as an excuse. Familiar with the technological process and rationally looking at the thickness tolerance of building formwork are the necessary qualities of building formwork buyers. Blindly insisting on thickness, and manufacturers face the pressure of cost, it will inevitably lead to some unreasonable processes, and finally both buyers and sellers will be hurt.

3.Integrity theory. Affordable quality is what everyone yearns for. Today, when the market price of building formwork is becoming more and more transparent, the absolute low price will inevitably lead to the compression of costs, the reduction of the process, and the beautiful appearance. Quality is guaranteed. It is the last word to choose a manufacturer with a reputable guarantee and a brand with a quality guarantee.


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