Film Faced Plywood Combination

Have CE and ISO certification Film: local film/imported film, non-slip type. Color: black film, brown film, green film, gray film, red film, dark brown, red brown, Core material: poplar, hardwood core, eucalyptus core, birch or composite core. Insert core Glue: WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue. WBP melamine glue or WBP phenolic glue More reuse High waterproof/WBP performance The special process eliminates the cracks inside the core. Customized according to your requirements

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Film-coated plywood Film-coated plywood is also called template plywood, louver plywood, and concrete formwork.

Film-coated plywood refers to a special plywood coated with wear-resistant and waterproof films on both sides. It is different from melamine paper-coated, PVC, MDO, Hdo, etc. The film is adhesive impregnated paper, which is different from melamine paper coated film, PVC, MDO and Hdo. The function of the membrane is to protect the interior of the wood from moisture, water, and weather, and to extend the life of the wood. Membrane plywood can be used in harsh external environments: shutter plywood, formwork plywood, concrete formwork, floor board, vehicle manufacturing.

Film Faced Plywood Specifications

(1). Film color: brown, black or other
The most common film is brown film or black film. In China, brown film-coated plywood is usually of better quality than black film-coated plywood. However, this is not always the case. Some black film faced plywood has the same quality as brown film faced plywood. When you ask, an experienced salesperson will know what the real quality you need is.

(2). The quality of film faced plywood.
In China, there are 2 categories of membranes. Domestic film paper and imported film paper, domestic film paper refers to the film paper produced by Chinese companies. Does the imported film paper refer to the film made by foreign companies, such as Dynea? Dynea Film is the best film brand. Therefore, if you need the best plywood film, we will use Dynea film.

(3). Core material: poplar, hardwood, eucalyptus, birch. Plug in,
70% of the film faced plywood we sell is poplar film faced plywood, with high quality and competitive price. If you need hardwood laminated plywood, we will use hardwood or eucalyptus veneers. If you want to use film-coated plywood to build bridges or tall buildings, you can choose hardwood film-coated plywood, which, as the name suggests, is very hard. We also provide birch laminated plywood, which is also very hard and durable. The plug-in core is the core material after processing and processing of the recycled board. The price is low and the number of uses is small. Customers recommend the corresponding core material according to customer needs.

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