3~4 Reuse Time 18mm Finger-jointed Core Film Faced Plywood

Finger jointed Core is also called recycled core Film Faced Plywood. It uses recycled plywood as base board, then put each 2 new fresh poplar core veneers for up and down. Which can be used arond 2~4 time with cheapest price. Core: Finger-jointed Core, Strip Core, Color: Brown, Black, Red, Dark Brown, Glue: Melamine Glue, Size: 1220*2440mm/ 1250*2500mm Thickness: 12mm/ 15mm/ 18mm/ 21mm Hot press: 1 time

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SULONG Finger-jointed Core Film Faced Plywood is a type of Film Faced Plywood.

Finger-jointed Core Film Faced Plywood  also called Recycled Film Faced Plywood. It uses processed 2nd hand plywood as middle core and applies fresh veneer layers on top and bottom of recycled middle core to be pressed into 1 new sheet of plywood. It was created by Chinese plywood producers about 10 years ago to meet globle buyers’s demand.

Technically strip core has better performance than finger joint core in regards to corestrength and inner rubbish cleaning leaning.
But finger joint core is much more famous , and in same areas , people use finger joint plywood as the sole name referring to recycled plywood.

SULONG Finger-jointed Core Film Faced Plywood–Advantages

■ Recycled Film Faced Plywood is the cheapest product type in global formwork panels.

■ It can be used 2-4 times under normal condition.

■ It saves wood/ forest resources by returning used plywood into new plywood.

■ SULONG PLYWOOD only use carefully selected 2nd hand plywood to guarantee middle core quality.

■ SULONG PLYWOOD are pre-treated to clean inner concrete rubbish as best as possible with 90% chance that will not break saw.

Examining Report

SULONG--Finger jointed Core Film Faced Plywood
Size 1220*2440 or 1250*2500 or upon request
Thickness Tolerance 12--21mm or upon request
Core Finger Joint ,Strip core
Film Options 180g/M² Brown,Black Or Red
Edge Sealed with water proof paint,Paint color can be upon request
Glue WBP-Melamine Glue
Hot Press Time 1 time for the whole panel
2 times for core 1 time for the film

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